Alcmeme is Amphitryon's wife and Hercules' adoptive mother.

In MythologyEdit

Alcmene was the princess of Thebes. She was very young (between ages thirteen and seventeen). She married her husband Amphitryon (he was older than Alcmene and was maybe eighteen or ninteen), the great warrior prince. Zeus disguised himself as Amphitryon and he slept with her. She was already pregnant with Amphitryon's son and at the same time she was pregnant with Zeus' son. She gave birth two twins (but half-brothers): Iphicles from Amphitryon and Alcides from Zeus. Hera, Zeus' wife, sent two snakes to kill Alcides and Iphicles. But Alcides, thinking they were toys, choke the snakes to death. Iphicles slept through the whole thing (Zeus blessed this child with wisdom) means he knew his big brother was strong. Alcmene and Amphitryon watched this heroic baby. Alcmene knew that Hera sent them (because she knew Alcides was Zeus' son) and renamed him which means The Glory of Hera. Heracles was known to the Romans as Hercules. So that makes Alcmene the mother of Hercules.

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