Amphitrite (known in Roman as Salacia) is the wife of Poseidon and mother of Triton and Theseus and Otus (voiced by Leslie Mann). She is the Goddess of the Sea.

She is the one who suggests the idea of a boat race to her husband and she also helped Icarus win the race. Both of these incidents happened in "The Poseidon Cup Adventure".

She is constantly telling Poseidon to exercise more and is the one who tells Triton that she is very proud of him in "The Son of Poseidon".

Powers and Abilities Edit

As the wife of Poseidon as well as the Queen of the Sea, Amphitrite is extremely powerful, more so than a demigod, though less so compared to an Olympian. She is considered a minor goddess.

  • Hydrokinesis: As a Nereid and the Queen of the Sea, Amphitrite has absolute control and divine authority over water and the sea. Her hydrokinetic powers are the same as Percy's, though to a far greater and more advanced level.
  • Aerokinesis (possibly): Amphitrite was said to have the power to "still the winds", which implies that she possessed a degree of control over the element of air.
  • Aquatic Authority: As the wife of Poseidon, Amphitrite has divine authority over aquatic creatures such as fish, dolphins, seals and sea monsters.
  • Culinary Arts: In Percy Jackson's Greek Gods, Percy said that Amphitrite baked cookies for him, which shows that she, like the three eldest goddesses, is a good cook.
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