Astraeus in the film.
God of Energy
God of Stars and astrology
Background Info
Feature Films Hercules
Television Hercules: The Animated Series
Voice Sam Thompson
Inspiration The Greek God Astraeus
Character Information
Personality Good
Appearance Purple skin, purple robe
Affiliation Mount Olympus
Goal To give some energy to Gods.
Home Mount Olympus
Relatives Boreas and Zephyrus and Eurus and Nutos (Sons)
Eos (Wife)
Pets Unknown
Allies Hercules, Pegasus
Minions Unknown
Enemies Hades, Titans, Hydra
Likes Helping Gods.
DisLikes Getting caught.
Powers and Abilities Energy
weapons Beam of energy
Fates Coninues life on Mount Olympus.
Quote Unknown

Astraeus is the god of dusk and the father of the four wind deities (The Anemoi). He only made very minor cameos in Hercules and in mythology he is the descendant of the Titans Crius and Eurybia and his wife name Eos

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