Bob and his family

Bob (voiced by Robert Stack) is the incorporeal voice of a narrator of Hercules: The Animated Series. He often starts off the episode, but is cut off by the Muses. The only time he is seen, is in the Return of Typhon, where his, and his family's actions are only seen by moving hats. He is often called 'Bobby Baby' by Thalia. He had a wife, Mrs. Bob (voiced by Susan Tolsky), a daughter Tiffany and a son Chad. Bob doesn't always speak during the beginning of an episode. In some episodes, such as "Hercules and the Bacchanal", he appears halfway through the show. It is also shown in the same episode that he envies Hercules' life of adventure and that he likes ice cream with rainbow sprinkles. Thalia and Terpsichore are the most to have a talk with Bob, but mostly interrupting his narration

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