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Cassandra is Hercules's second best friend after Icarus, who is in love with, and obsessed with marrying her. Despite this, Cassandra does not (usually) return Icarus' affections, and mostly it seems she merely tolerates his presence. Deep down, she truly does see him as a friend.

Cassandra has the ability to see the future (usually disasters), although her visions are rarely believed. When Cassandra has a vision, her eyes turn green and swirl around. A running gag is that when Cassandra makes sarcastic comments, Hercules and Icarus listen, but when she has visions, they rarely believe her.

Cassandra even pointed this out in the episode "Hercules and the All-Nighter", where she and Icarus switched personalities as a side affect of sleep deprivation. Although she is gloomy and anti-social, Cassandra can also be very caring, even to Icarus.

Physical Appearance

Cassandra is slim and tall with long, magenta hair. She has green eyes, pale skin, and is usually in a long blue dress. When she has visions, her eyes light up green with yellow swirls.


Due to her constant visions of peril and her inability to prevent them, Cassandra has a gloomy outlook on life. She is usually the voice of reason in the group, though she is rarely listened to. She balances out Icarus's carefree attitude with a serious, responsible persona. Like Icarus and Hercules, she is an outcast at her school, but she doesn't seem to care. She thinks of both Hercules and Icarus as friends, despite Icarus's constant flirting.


Cassandra was a Trojan Princess and sister to Paris of Troy. Cassandra was taken as War Prize by King Agamemnon and she forsaw that Agamemnon would be killed by his wife, Queen Clytemnestra but he would not listen as Clytemnestra killed Agamemnon and Cassandra was murdered as well.

The Myth behind the Character

Cassandra is the daughter of King Priam and Queen Hecuba, rulers of Troy. Because of her beauty, Apollo, as God of Prophecy, in order to win her love gave her the ability to see into the future. In another version, it was snakes that gave her the ability to hear the future in Apollo's temple and, in some versions, the ability to understand animals. However, for not returning his love, Apollo cursed her so that others would not believe her predictions.

Cassandra was loved by the son of the king of Phrygia, Coroebus, who came to the aid of Troy during the Trojan War out of love for her.  When he saw her being dragged off by the Greeks, he attempted to rescue her and was killed.  Cassandra was taken to Mycenae as the slave of the Greek commander, King Agammemnon, where, as Cassandra had foreseen, his jealous and treacherous wife Clytemnestra murdered both her husband and Cassandra with an axe.

Cassandra is a Greek figure of epic and tragic proportions. She is a mix of deep understanding and powerlessness.

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