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Demigoddess of magic
Background Info
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Television Hercules: The Animated Series
Voice Idina Menzel
Inspiration Circe From the Odyssey
Character Information
Personality Conniving, seductive, jealous, attractive, Cunning, persuasive, generous, hospitable
Appearance Busty, long waist-length

Black hair, blue eyes, tan skin

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Goal To get a boyfriend and turn them into animals (failed)
Home The Island of Aeaea
Relatives Helios (father)
Hecate (mother)

Trivia (Brother)

Pets Her victims magical transform into animals
Allies Helen, Cassandra
Minions Pig-men
Enemies Hercules (formerly) Adonis (formerly) Icarus ( boyfriend formerly)
Likes Have a love romance a relationship with a man Icarus (boyfriend)
DisLikes Being rejected by her beloved boyfriend
Powers and Abilities ability to turn people into any kind of animal

Hypnotizing Beauty and charm Persuasive abilities Hypnotizing Voice

weapons Magical staff
Fates to turn her victims back into humans
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Circe (voiced by: Idina Menzel) is goddess of Magic Said to be the daughter of sun God. Helios and Perse a sea nymph and sister of Aeetes The Keeper of the Golden Fleece and Sister of Pasiphae King Minos 's wife in the Homer's Odyssey she took out her wand and transform Odysseus mens in the pigs

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