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Goddess of Nature
Goddess of the Season
Goddess of Agriculture
Background Info
Feature Films Hercules
Television Hercules: The Animated Series
Voice Florence Henderson
Inspiration The Greek goddess Demeter
Character Information
Personality Friendly, calm, patient, kind, forgiving
Appearance A bit chubby, green skin, orange hair
Affiliation The Olympian Gods
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Home Mount Olympus
Relatives Cronus (Father), Rhea (mother) Zeus Poseidon Hades (Brothers), Hera and Hestia (Sisters), Persephone (Daughter)
Bacchus (Son)
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Allies Hercules
Minions Nemesis
Enemies Hades, Titans, Pan
Likes Fruits and vegetables
DisLikes Okra, Hubris
Powers and Abilities The standard Powers and Abilities of a God, control over seasons and nature and Chlorokinesis
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Fates Still living on Mount Olympus
Quote "You don't have to smite him. I'll just send a few warning locusts."

Demeter (known in Roman as Ceres) is the goddess of agriculture. She is the sister of Hera, Hestia, Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades. Summons Nemesis to smite the satyr Pan for his inadequate offerings at her harvest festival and building a temple to himself. He doesn't get smitten in the end only because he pays back the offerings and dedicates his temple to Demeter. Her biggest appearance is in "King for a Day". She is one of the gods who searches for Prometheus and the traitor who set him free. Persephone is her's and Zeus's daughter. One day Persephone was picking flowers when Hades saw her and decided that she was his true love. She is in the episode "Hercules and the King for a Day" and a minor character in the film


  • Hercules and the Long Nightmare
  • Hercules and the Pool Party
  • Hercules and the Prometheus Affair
  • Hercules and the King for a Day


  • Demeter's Arabian counterpart is Dhat-Badan.
  • There was a poltline in the Disney version where Hades was not only her brother but also her ex-husband with whom she had her daughter Persephone as well as her son Dionysus