Disney's Animated Storybook Hercules is both a video game and book released on 1998 developed by Disney Interactive and published by Media Station Incorporated with Animation Services. This is the last Animated StoryBook developed by Media Station Incorporated.


Main MenuEdit

Before the game starts, the screen shows Greek vases as the Muses are heard singing the first Gospel Truth song until the scene fades to the main menu. Calliope talks to the reader introducing him about Hercules, but Thaliana interrupts her dialogue. After the song stops, Hermes flies to the main menu saying, "Fabulous story, ladies!" Hermes tells the player to start the story by clicking on the right arrow. There are many features in the main screen:

Feature Effect
Right Arrow Takes the player to start the story.
Question Mark Gives the player instructions.
Page Select (If Hermes' hat is clicked) Takes the player to a page selection.
Exit (If Hermes' hat is clicked) Allows the player to return to his desktop. Hercules must be clicked twice to exit.
Harp Takes the player to let him sing any song.

Book PagesEdit

Before the player goes to a next page, he must complete each task said by the characters. For example, after the player clicks on any god and then Hermes says, "Click and drag the gifts to Hercules," the player must click and drag them to Hercules. Doing so will let an arrow appear. If the player clicks on it, there is a cutscene. (Example: Hades enters Mount Olympus but then returns to the Underworld after being told by Zeus.) Sometimes, the player is taken to a Muse cutscene. Calliope and Thaliana tell and continue the story of Hercules to the player.


Constellation SearcherEdit

This game is found in the Temple of Zeus page. If a twinkling star is clicked, it will show a constellation. Dialogues are heard until they fade away.

Hades' CheckersEdit

This game is found in the Damsel in Distress page. This is a Checkers game. The player can play this game with two players or his opponent. Checker pieces can only be clicked when they aren't covered. If a piece jumps over another one, it gets destroyed. If it reaches the end, it can go to any space it wants.

The Hydra AttackEdit

This game is found in the Killer Hydra page. This is a Memory game. Herc must throw a rock at a matching Hydra head. Sometimes, they won't stay too long and must be hit quickly.

Titan TroubleEdit

This game is found in the Titans' Revenge page. Herc must save all the gods from the Titans. Herc can only reach a platform when the two are connecting. If a Titan fires a projectile at a rock, it will be destroyed and Herc will fall off Olympus. When Herc reaches a god, he will stop a Titan. If all three are saved, the game is completed.

Monster MakerEdit

This game is found in the Underworld page. The player can create any monster he wants, such as the Nemean Lion, Harpy, etc.


Full StorybookEdit

Hercules Animated Storybook

Hercules Animated Storybook

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