List of Egyptian GodsEdit

  • Khnum the god of the source of the Nile River
  • Ra the god of the Sun & Day, Order, Heat and and the king of Gods and the God of light and life
  • Bast the goddess of protector and cats and Daughter of Ra
  • Anubis the god of Death associated with thr Afterlife and mummification
  • Osiris first king of Egypt god of the Afterlife, Underworld and God of rebirth
  • Isis first queen of Egypt Mother Goddess of kinship and protector of the Kingdom and goddess of magic and wisdom and sky

Set God of chaos, desert, sandstorm, Discord, and violence

Nephthys goddess of morning and lamentation and goddess of sleep and rivers, night, Death

  • Horus Egypt God Of The Sky Air Kingship And Protector Son of Osiris and Isis
  • Thoth God The Moon Wisdom And Writing


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