Episodes in Hercules Edit

1 .

Hercules and the Apollo Mission

After being given a job he feels is worthless at the Gyro Shop, Zeus gives Hercules a job working for Apollo (Keith David) as new driver of the sun chariot. Unfortunately, the ever-scheming Hades sends Pain and Panic to unchain the sun from its chariot, bringing it to the Underworld and leaving earth in darkness, causing panic and rioting. Now Hercules and Icarus must get the sun back into the sky before Hades is voted new king of Olympus.

2 . Hercules and the King of Thessaly

When King Salmoneus (Jeffrey Tambor) impersonates Zeus, the king of the gods smites him for his gall. The good people of Thessaly, however, turn to Hercules for leadership and crown him as their new king instead. Hercules at first enjoys his new position; but when the people come to him with all their troubles, he has second thoughts, and tries to leave, only to be reminded by Zeus and Hera (Samantha Eggar) how proud they are of him. Hercules reluctantly stays, while Salmoneus schemes with Pain and Panic (who tried to take him to the Underworld living, which is prohibited) to get his throne back, in exchange for his silence about the mishap. In the end, Hercules forces the people of Thessaly to make their own decisions, and hence Thessaly becomes a democracy. Hades meanwhile discovers Pain and Panic's mistake and teaches them a lesson.

3 . Hercules and the Secret Weapon The Narrator and Muses explain that Athena (Jane Leeves) and Ares (Jay Thomas) have been rivals for centuries. So when Hephaestus (Kevin Michael Richardson) builds a secret weapon for Ares - a bow that produces energy blasts as arrows - Athena has Hercules and Phil go to Sparta to investigate this secret weapon. However, while there, Hercules unwittingly accepts a mission from Ares to destroy Athens using the Armageddon Bow (Paula Poundstone), who, as he discovers, is a female and doesn't like to kill. After Icarus and Cassandra arrive and Icarus blurts out Hercules' prior commitment, Ares decides to kill them, but Athena comes to his aid. While the two deities argue over who should get the bolt, Hercules decides to drop it and let whoever catches it have it (who turns out to be Cupid).
4 . Hercules and the Assassin Hercules meets Tempest (Jennifer Jason Leigh), an Amazonian warrior, and in an attempt to impress her, steals one of Phil's spears. However, when he throws it, it nearly kills Pericles, governor of Athens, who has had several assassination attempts made against him by Minister Clion (Gilbert Gottfried), who is working for Ares. Chipacles (Mike Connors), chief of Athens security, vows to find the assassin, and the discovery of Phil's spear leads him to believe that Phil is the assassin, resulting in his arrest. While Icarus and Cassandra plead Phil's case, Hercules teams up with Tempest to catch the true assassin. Phil is still sentenced to death, but Clion reveals himself after being empowered by Ares; Athena, discovering Ares' activities, gives Hercules the one weapon he needs to defeat Clion: his hero training spear.
5 . Hercules and the Big Kiss Cassandra is worried about a prophecy involving her kissing Icarus, surrounded by gods and goddesses. Hercules promises to do what he can, but when his efforts to stop Icarus only arouse his emotions further, Cassandra instead makes a deal with Hades (who wants to know his future regarding Aphrodite and him dating) for her soul on weekends once he has successfully stopped Icarus from kissing her. To do this, Hades sends Pain and Panic, plus a new ally, Doubt; Hercules meanwhile appeals to Aphrodite (Lisa Kudrow), goddess of love, who gives him arrows to shoot at Cassandra to make her fall in love with Icarus. Unfortunately, Icarus is struck with doubt, causing mayhem until the two both wake up and Hades puts him in an eternal sleep, and Cassandra must kiss him to wake him. Aphrodite rejects Hades' advances, reminding him of her fiancee, Hephaestus, who Hades has an unpleasant confrontation with.
6 . Hercules and the River Styx Hercules, after failing several times in Shop Class with Icarus's father, Daedalus (David Hyde Pierce), becomes fed up and quits, calling it useless and thus insulting Icarus. Meanwhile, Hades forms an alliance with his brother Poseidon (Jason Alexander) to move the River Styx (the edge of Hades' domain) to include Greece. All the heroes are punished by Hades with what they hate most - for Hercules, Shop Class. Now, with Hades ruling Greece, the Underworld and the Seas, Hercules must take back his comments about Shop and use Daedalus' teachings to stop Hades.
7 . Hercules and the Techno Greeks Tired of poetry, Tempest goes to the city-state of the Techno Greeks, who are constantly attacked by centaurs every Friday, offering to work for them as protector. However, after Hercules successfully defeats the centaurs and volunteers to protect them, Tempest is forced to leave. She proceeds to defeat the centaurs' leader, Blowtox; Hercules, after having to do everything for the Technos and no real hero work, finds him and offers him a job as his deputy. Tempest, now the centaurs' leader, launches an attack on Monday, ending in Blowtox defeating her using his newfound wits, and the centaurs become the city-state's new security. Meanwhile, Icarus tries to impress Cassandra with supposed knowledge of how the Techno Greeks' inventions work.
8 . Hercules and the World's First Doctor Newly dead arrivals in Hades' kingdom are falling due to the work of the world's first doctor, Hippocrates (Mandy Patinkin). Hercules joins him in his efforts as doctor, causing jealousy from Phil, while Hades sends Pain and Panic to dispose of the doctor, first personally and secondly via plague. When the second attempt works, Hippocrates invents a medicine to cure it from various plants and items around the world. As it is rare, he uses all the medicine up just in time for Hades to visit Hippocrates and bestow the last of the plague on him, causing him to die. Hercules apologizes to Phil and convinces him to come on a rescue mission to the Underworld. There, the duo bribe Charon with the sports pages to get in the back way, wherein they find Hippocrates raising the dead much to Hades' ire. Hades requests that Hercules take Hippocrates back but suggests that the doctor take Wednesdays off to play golf (which Hippocrates is receptive of).
9 . Hercules and the Pool Party Hades invites all the gods except Trivia (Ben Stein) to a pool party in the Underworld. While there, they swim in the Pool of Forgetfulness, hence forgetting who they are and causing chaos in the world above while Hades uses the party to take over Olympus. Hercules meanwhile uses this as a chance to complete labors needed to enter him and Phil in a hero convention; Trivia, overhearing Hades' plan, warns Hercules about it. They visit the Underworld to find the gods have lost their memories; Trivia deduces that sweating will return it to them, and takes them to Hephaestus' forge. With the gates of Olympus locked by Pain and Panic, Hades has Hephaestus try to open them and confront Hercules when he arrives. The ensuing fight inadvertently opens the gates, but Trivia stops Hades while the gods arrive, having their memory and positions restored.
10 . Hercules and the Prince of Thrace

After Adonis disturbs Gaia (Kerri Kenney), she places a curse on him which can only be removed by the Golden Apples in the garden of the Hesperides. Adonis enlists Hercules and Pegasus to fly him to the oracle at Delphi to find out the garden's location. With Adonis' money, they are referred to an elder shapeshifter named Nereus, who says it is at the end of the world, and to Adonis that only a god can take the apples. After Hercules fails to get one, they have Atlas get it instead while Hercules holds up the sky. Despite a chance to abandon Hercules, Adonis tricks Atlas into holding up the sky again, who in turn injures Pegasus so he can't fly. Fortunately, the pair are able to summon Gaia in the garden and appease her wrath, lifting the curse from Adonis.

Note: This episode references King Midas several times.

11 . Hercules and the First Day of School

Hermes visits, reminding Phil and Hercules of his first day of school, where he is humiliated by Adonis. To prove himself as a hero, he challenges Orthos the Bi-Clops (Wayne Knight and Brad Garrett) son of Echidna (Kathie Lee Gifford), the mother of all monsters. Unfortunately, when they brush him aside as a nobody, they go to Prometheus Academy instead, vying to eat Adonis. Hercules saves the prince and defeats his first monster as well, accepting himself as Phil taught him earlier despite the credit going to Adonis.

12 . Hercules and the Tapestry of Fate Hercules and Icarus want to go to an Orpheus concert, but they find it sold out, and so seek out the aid of the Fates - Atropos (Paddi Edwards), Clotho (Tress MacNeille) and Lachesis (Carole Shelley) - when Zeus cannot help. Hercules distracts them while Icarus reweaves fate to allow them to go to the concert. This gives Hades the idea to reweave his own fate, making him king of the gods, Phil a janitor, Icarus the inventor of capable wings, Hercules himself a god and Hades' son, and Zeus guardian of the Tapestry and ruler of the Underworld. Hercules uses his strength as a god to destroy the Tapestry and reweave it back to normal; the Fates give them tickets as a reward, only for them to find the concert has been canceled.
13 . Hercules and the Living Legend Hades realizes from a convention Hercules and Phil are attending that Phil is the key to Hercules' success in training to be a hero, as he teaches him. So Hades visits an old student of his, Achilles (Dom Irrera), who is now a washed-out has-been. Hades offers him his old body and capabilities back, and when Phil is visited by Achilles, he begins to spend more time with him, pushing Hercules to the side until he finally decides he no longer needs a trainer. However, Hades is foiled by them getting back together after Phil realizes he can't leave Hercules on his own, and he returns Achilles to his old body. Memnon, a monster from earlier, takes on Hercules and Phil on the training field, and when Hercules is knocked out, Achilles, realizing what it means to be a true hero, steps in and defeats the monster. Achilles then decides to deal with a flood situation in Acadia (ironically caused by Hercules).
14 . Hercules and the Return of Typhon Hercules is invited to join his father and mother for Titan Smashing Day, an event which commemorates Zeus' defeat of the Titan, Typhon (Regis Philbin). Echidna, who was Typhon's mate, seeks revenge, wreaking havoc on Athens, so to prove himself to his father, Hercules challenges her, but in doing so, inadvertently releases Typhon. He calls to Zeus for help, who begins to explain something, but is interrupted by the fight beginning. Evenly matched, a lightning bolt is thrown by Hera, who forces Echidna and Typhon to end the battle peaceably. Hera and Zeus explain that it was Hera who threw the bolt to buy time for Zeus to defeat Typhon, and father and son mutually agree that even a god isn't perfect.
15 . Hercules and the Owl of Athena Ares has a settle to score with Athena after she plays a practical joke by shaving his dogs of war. In return, he sends his sons, Fear and Terror, to kidnap her precious Owl of Wisdom to exact his revenge. Athena entrusts the bird to Hercules, which works out nicely, as it is mid-terms week and the owl gives instant smarts to whoever possesses it. But when Hercules inadvertently loses the bird to Ares' dimwitted sons, he is challenged to a game of wits to win him back, and learns a valuable lesson in learning knowledge for knowledge's sake.
16 . Hercules and the Visit from Zeus Hercules is having trouble dealing with Adonis, so when he mentions it to his father, Zeus tells him to show him who's in charge. Hercules warns it's not that easy, so to prove him wrong, Zeus spends a day as a teenager; at first as a god, then at Hermes' request, as a mortal. While he was very popular as a teen god, as a mortal Zeus is just like everyone else, subject to humiliation - and also, as Hades learns from the Fates, death. In an attempt to be rid of Zeus once and for all, he sends his troublesome dog Cerberus after Zeus while he's still mortal. Zeus gains his godhood back and defeats Hades, but learns a valuable lesson about how hard it is being mortal - though not before getting back at Adonis.
17 . Hercules and the Girdle of Hippolyta Tempest's mother, Queen Hippolyta (Jane Curtin) thinks that her daughter is going soft. Kidnapping her daughter from Prometheus High, the queen expects her to go through a savage initiation ceremony- spending the night clawing her way through the wilderness- to regain her status as a warrior and to earn the right to wear the Golden Girdle. Hercules, misunderstanding the deal, follows her in a misguided attempt at rescue, and the two of them wind up learning to rely on each other's strengths as they stumble through the wilderness together.
18 . Hercules and the Bacchanal Phil wants to go to the Brotherhood of Satyrs, Minotaurs and Other Half-Human Convention, so Hercules and Hermes volunteer to watch the island over the weekend. However, after Hermes shuts down Adonis' party via Bacchus (Dom DeLuise), the god of parties, Hercules and Bacchus convince him to allow a Bacchanal on the island. The party goes well until Poseidon is woken by it, who sinks the island and won't raise it again unless he gets eye cream from Argus (Harvey Fierstein). Argus however wants a love arrow from Cupid (Tom Arnold), who wants some water from the Pool of Forgetfulness, where Hercules and Hermes are caught by Hades' minions Pain and Panic, who want fireproof pants. Hermes intends to call in a favor from Hephaestus, but he is a guest speaker at the same convention Phil is attending. While there, Hercules runs into Phil while Hermes finds Hephaestus, explaining what happened even as Hermes sets everything to rights. As punishment, Phil makes the two run twenty thousand laps.
19 . Hercules and the Underworld Takeover Hecate (Peri Gilpin), demigoddess of magic and night, plots to take over the Underworld by planting a crystal on Hades' neck which slowly eats away his godly essence at the council of the gods, ousting Pain and Panic in the process. The two minions turn to Hercules for help, convincing him that "the devil you don't know is much worse than the devil you do know"- Hecate is worse than Hades, and he agrees to help restore him if they promise help in watching Amphitryon's sheep. Pain and Panic become attached to one who is about to give birth, while Hercules contends with Hecate for the throne, breaking the crystal. Hades, newly restored, blasts her out of the throne, and Amphitryon introduces Pain and Panic as the new sheep-sitters.
20 . Hercules and the Driving Test Hercules makes a bet with Adonis that he can get his driver's license by sunset in an effort to impress Helen (Jodi Benson); Zeus and Hermes meanwhile make a bet with Hades that he will do the same, and if he doesn't, Hades gets the Elysian Fields. Zeus promises to stay out of it, but Hades doesn't, sending Pain and Panic to stop him. Phil tries to teach Hercules a thing or two, but he eventually goes on his own with Cassandra and Icarus, getting detoured into a game show with Sphinx Martindale (Wink Martindale). After answering the question and winning a chariot, he takes the test, despite being delayed by Pain and Panic. Unfortunately, his instructor is tough city trooper Chipacles, so Zeus and Hermes force Phil to aid Hercules. Despite having massive fireballs thrown at them by Hades, Hercules eventually gets his license, impressing Helen and even Adonis, while Zeus gives Hades a teasing "I told you so".
21 . Hercules and the Comedy of Arrows Hades is tired of love blossoming in spring and causing long life, so he sends Pain and Panic to infiltrate Cupid's headquarters, where Icarus has joined the cherubs to get the chance to shoot a love arrow at Cassandra and be rid of her new boyfriend, Melampus. However, he vies for a different approach after finding out there are also loathe arrows. Unfortunately, Hades also uses this to his advantage, capturing the cherubs and causing everyone to hate each other. Hercules and Icarus team up with Cupid to "put passion back in fashion", causing Hades to love. Icarus has the chance to shoot the love arrow again, but does not, as it means he would not know how Cassandra truly feels.
22 . Hercules and the Hostage Crisis A terrorist group called POOTLS (short for People's Organization of Titanic Liberators) who worship the Titans takes Prometheus High hostage and demands Hercules as their prisoner. Hercules and his guidance counselor, Mr. Parenthesis, manage to avoid capture long enough to hatch a plot to thwart their captors' evil intentions, and combining brains with brawn, they bring the villains to justice.
23 . Hercules and the Parents Weekend It's Parents Weekend, and Hercules can hardly wait for Zeus and Hera to show up and fix Adonis and his idiotic bragging. However, when his loving, rustic mortal parents, Amphitryon and Alcmene, arrive, Hercules is mortified, leaving his parents crushed at his disappointment. However, Hercules puts all other things aside when his parents - along with Adonis' and Cassandra's as well - are captured by Ladon, son of Echidna, for his dinner. Now the farmers, city people and royalty must all get along long enough to forestall dinner preparations until Hercules arrives.
24 . Hercules and the Disappearing Heroes Hecate, trying to overtake the Underworld again, steals the eyesight of Nestor (James Belushi), hearing of Meleager (Nicholas Turturro) and toughness of police chief Mentor (Edward Asner). Hercules and Phil enlist the aid of Chipacles, who has vowed to get back Mentor, informing them Hecate is behind it. They are unable to stop her stealing Odysseus' (Steven Weber) cunning, but decide to lure her in by showing of Hercules' strength at a conference, as the monster she is creating requires strength. Hecate falls for it, and his strength is stolen, with Phil and Chipacles following her to the Underworld. They release the others, and use their collective weaknesses to slow the monster- until Hades finds out what's going on. Hercules lies to an unconvinced Hades about Hecate's involvement, but simply gives her a statuette of himself in mock appreciation, which she gives to the heroes for bowling after returning their gifts.
25 . Hercules and the Argonauts Hercules is tired of training and getting nowhere, seeming to Phil to want to become a hero overnight. Phil hence introduces him to Jason (William Shatner) the Argonaut, a great seafaring hero and one of the most patient men of all time, having searched thirty years for the Golden Fleece, to still not have found it. Jason invites Hercules to join him aboard the Argo in search of the Fleece, even letting him steer the ship through treacherous island shoals- when he gets himself, Phil and Jason stranded on a deserted island, inhabited only by the Sirens and the sailor-eating monster Gaggenus (Brad Garrett).
26 . Hercules and the Prometheus Affair After learning that the Titan Prometheus (Carl Reiner) was imprisoned for giving fire to humanity, Hercules sets him free from the Eagle (Jerry Stiller). However, he is unaware that his father Zeus was the god who imprisoned him, something Hades uses to his advantage to have all the gods hunt down and destroy Prometheus and Hercules. When Zeus finds out what Hercules has done, his son defends himself with the argument that fire has helped humanity, but Hades nevertheless forces a trial by fire - literally, as he turns the Eagle into a phoenix. Hercules, masterfully using Prometheus' advice about fire, smothers the Eagle with a cloak, convincing Zeus to let Prometheus off the hook, as he merely did what was right.
27 . Hercules and the Drama Festival Pain and Panic unveil the Cronus Stone - something Cronus coughed up when he spat out the gods, which is deadly to gods and potent to demigods. Hades plans to use the Cronus Stone to put all the gods but him to eternal sleep, with Icarus portraying him at the Drama Festival where all gods will be attending. Fortunately, Hercules finds out that Icarus has been visiting Hades in the Underworld to get into character, and grows even more suspicious at finding Pain and Panic at the festival. He soon realizes that Icarus' mask is made from the Cronus Stone, and forces Icarus to take off the mask as the gods are asleep. Hercules tosses it straight at Hades, who takes out his anger on Pain and Panic.
28 . Hercules and the Phil Factor Phil is discouraged after his rival hero trainer Chiron (Kevin Michael Richardson) points out that he's never actually been a hero, and therefore can't train them. With Hercules' help, he tries to become a hero, but has no luck. Going through a mid-life crisis, he quits his job as Hercules' trainer and takes up the family spear selling business, also with bad luck. But when Hercules must save the city of Corinth from a bronze bull called Catoblepas (the same city where Phil is selling), he needs his old trainer's help to defeat it. Phil teaches him hands-on sensory deprivation training - relying on the four senses besides sight - to defeat the bull, as its eyes can knock a person unconscious. With Phil's direction, Hercules drives the bronze bull into a river, and proclaims Phil as a hero, as without him, he could not have won.
29 . Hercules and the Hero of Athens While on a tour which explains why the olive tree is the symbol of Athens, Hercules, Icarus and Cassandra are attacked by the Nemean Lion (Jeremy Piven). Hercules saves the day by knocking the Lion out, but his rap sheet is so long he'll go to prison for the damage he caused, so Icarus takes the blame; it also turns out he takes responsibility for defeating the Nemean Lion as well. Believing himself to be a true hero, Icarus visits Phil for training, who refuses; Icarus instead moonlights as a superhero, facing the Nemean Lion only to have it knocked out again by Hercules. Angry that his friend is getting all the credit, he explains to Icarus that he defeated the Nemean Lion both times. Icarus, refusing to believe, faces the Lion after it escapes once more, without Hercules, realizing that he didn't defeat the Lion. Hercules comes to his aid at the last second, defeating the Nemean Lion once more, while Icarus gives up the superhero act.
30 . Hercules and the All Nighter Hercules and Icarus didn't study for their finals, so they go to Morpheus (Jonathan Katz), god of sleep, on Cassandra's joking suggestion, to ask if he will take a week off; he refuses, but Hercules accidentally puts his sleep blanket over him, causing Morpheus to sleep and hence causing no sleep in the world. Hercules and Icarus use this time to study, despite that at school and elsewhere, odd things are happening - Phil keeping odd hours and Cassandra acting cheerful. Hades, as a result of all the accidents, now has an overflowing influx of dead people, and intends to keep it that way, so he has Pain and Panic watch Morpheus. However, when Hercules discovers that the rooster Alectryon (Steve Hytner), a former hero who Morpheus caused to fall asleep on guard duty, can crow to wake him up, the duo set out to find the rooster. Hercules confronts Morpheus just as dawn approaches, after Hades unsuccessfully tries to barter with Alectryon, who crows and wakes the god. As punishment, Hades is forced to give up the souls that died (because they died only due to lack of sleep) while Hercules and Icarus must fly across the night spreading sleep.
31 . Hercules and the Song of Circe Cassandra finally becomes fed up with Icarus' obnoxious behavior and claiming to be her boyfriend, telling him off during spring break in front of all their friends. Just as Icarus claims to be getting over her, the beautiful sorceress Circe (Idina Menzel) arrives in Greece, and soon all the guys are competing for her. Surprisingly, she chooses Icarus, but turns him into a platypus as soon as she reaches her island, bored of him. Hercules and Adonis go to see her, but also end up animals - a lemur and peacock, respectively. Meanwhile, Cassandra is missing Icarus and admits this to Helen; she then sees a vision of sorcery and realizes the trouble her friends are in. She and Helen go to rescue the boys, defeating Circe and breaking the staff she uses for sorcery. Cassandra still tells Icarus off as a boyfriend, but not as a friend. Helen meanwhile leaves Adonis a peacock despite learning how to change him back without a staff, to teach him a lesson about looking at other women.
32 . Hercules and the Trojan War The Trojan War is retold in the form of a high school rivalry between the students of Prometheus Academy and their Trojan rivals. When a mindless prank gets out of hand and Helen, the Homecoming Queen, is kidnapped, the whole group decides to rescue her from Paris (Cary Elwes) by sneaking into the Trojan school in a wooden horse, courtesy of wacky inventor Icarus. Fortunately, with the power of steam, Icarus is able to get it up and running to about four miles an hour. Unfortunately, he fails to remember brakes, causing damage to the school and bringing about Helen's rescue. In the end it is shown that Helen was not captured, but merely went to discuss the problem. After hearing this Homer, who was listening to the whole thing, decides to make the story juicier by turning the story into a war.
33 . Hercules and the Caledonian Boar Hercules and Phil join Meleager, Nestor and Chiron in Caledonia to hunt boars for the weekend. However, when Hercules sees one, he is unable to kill it, and deserts the others. While out on his own, he meets Artemis (Reba McEntire), goddess of the wild, and becomes protector of the boars. Phil meanwhile searches for Hercules, and encounters Artemis himself, who transforms him into a boar. He is then hunted by Meleager, Nestor and Chiron, who are constantly foiled by Hercules (all unaware of his true identity). After Hercules has tied all three heroes up, Artemis returns and changes Phil back, cautioning that the next time they hunt, their prey might be one of their own.
34 . Hercules and the Dream Date Hercules needs a date for the upcoming Aphrodesia Dance, so, inspired by Pygmalion, he appeals to Aphrodite to make a statue of Galatea (Jennifer Aniston) come to life. Because he asked that her personality would be "crazy about [him]", Galatea becomes increasingly obsessive about him, especially when he dumps her and drops her off on an island in the middle of nowhere. Galatea literally walks through water to get to him. She is solidified by an accidental fire but tries hopping to him. Aphrodite changes her personality to free will and gives her a mind of her own. Hercules learns the lesson that if a person doesn't have free will, they can't love on their own; Pygmalion doesn't mind though, keeping his wife (as Aphrodite says, "Hey, not everyone learns the lesson").
35 . Hercules and the Big Games Hades, tired of no new souls coming in, makes a deal with Ares to start a war between Sparta and Athens; however, the war is called off as the Big Games are taking place in Athens, and Hercules is on the Athenian team, so Zeus makes a decree to have no interference. At a loss, Hades visits Echidna and has her gather her entire family to attack Athens. Meanwhile, Hercules is winning every event and enjoying being a hero (or sports hero, as Phil calls it) - until Ares remembers, in a manner similar to anti-doping, that he is a demigod, and only mortals can compete; hence, half his points are taken off. But when Echidna and her family arrive, he puts aside popularity to save the day, with an assist from Ares and Athena, who are working together for once.
36 . Hercules and the Jilt Trip Hercules is upset over a recent break-up, so Phil volunteers him to help out a neighboring kingdom. While there, Princess Lavinia becomes taken with him, and Phil sets the two up by encouraging her to take the initiative. However, the city is attacked by a six-handed, three-headed monster named Geryon (Will Ferrell), who Hercules must battle; he runs away after seeing Lavinia. After going out to fight Geryon again, he convinces the monster to stop and tell him how he feels, learning that the Princess was his girlfriend. Hercules convinces Geryon to apologize to the King, but he quickly becomes angry after learning that Lavinia intends to marry Hercules. The two begin fighting again, and Hercules is saved by Lavinia once more. He then convinces her that she isn't his type, and that she should get back together with Geryon.
37 . Hercules and the Epic Adventure The young hero is proud of the epic poem he has created for an assignment, but is scared of reading it in front of his friends, for fear of what they might think. Meanwhile Orthos the Bi-Clops wants revenge for the humiliation Hercules caused him in Hercules and the First Day of School. Will Hercules be able to stand up to both of these mighty challenges?
38 . Hercules and the Falling Stars Hercules, needing help with archery, calls on the greatest hunter who ever lived, Orion, releasing him from his constellation. Orion is not accustomed to the more calm way people live, earning Hercules' respect but Phil's and everyone else's anger, as he gives constant disregard to his environment. Unfortunately, Hercules' tearing the sky left a hole for the Scorpio, Taurus, Leo and Aries constellations to escape. Artemis, discovering a giant crater, realizes who is responsible, and sets out to find Orion, who is defeating the monsters with Hercules, destroying Corinth, Sparta, Abacus Valley and Athens in the process. Artemis finally catches up to the duo, revealing that Orion is her ex-boyfriend, and forces them to rebuild the cities. Orion returns to his place in the sky, suggesting that Hercules may one day have a constellation of his own.
39 . Hercules and the Golden Touch A James Bond parody. Hercules meets Epsilon, an agent who wants to bring down King Midas (Eugene Levy), a greedy king whose touch turns everything into gold. Hercules investigates as a secret agent, and learns that Midas wants Hermes' sandals to transform the whole world. Hermes is forced to give up his sandals, and Hercules frees them, going after Midas with the king's daughter, Marigold (Tia Carrere). After being foiled in a James Bond manner by Hercules, Midas sees the negative side of his power after accidentally touching Marigold. Hercules and the king appeal to Bacchus, the god who gave Midas his golden touch, to remove it and turn things back to normal. He does so, and Hermes' sandals are returned.
40 . Hercules and the Minotaur Daedalus, tired of his job as Shop teacher, accepts an invitation from King Minos (Charles Nelson Reilly) to come to Crete and build him a Labyrinth, which is to be a wonder of the world. He and Icarus travel to the island where they discover that it is being built to hold the Minotaur (Michael Dorn), a savage half-man, half-bull. Meanwhile in Athens, Hercules accepts a challenge to fight the Minotaur and also travels to Crete, unaware of the fact the Labyrinth is a maze which one can only escape from by means of magic yarn. Icarus throws him some, but ends up throwing it (and himself) straight at the Minotaur. Daedalus defies Minos and takes command of his giant robot, just as the Minotaur escapes. Hercules comes to his aid just in time, tossing the Minotaur back into the maze where Minos is trying to navigate it. Hercules, Icarus and Daedalus are rescued by Cassandra and the rest of Shop class in Daedalus' flying machine.
41 . Hercules and the Poseidon's Cup Adventure Poseidon, tired of being forgotten, holds a boating race in his honor, with Adonis competing for Thrace against Hercules and Icarus. However, when their star rower Hylas (Rocky Carroll) is injured, the King of Thrace hires Hercules instead, who abandons Icarus. Fortunately, Amphitrite (Leslie Mann), wife of Poseidon, has taken a special interest in Icarus, and helps he and his father Daedalus complete their boat. At a regala held the night before the race, Hercules declares himself bigger than Poseidon, which causes the sea god to unleash Charybdis, a giant maelstrom sea creature, during the race, which causes both his and Icarus' ships to nearly sink. Rescuing first his friend and then Adonis, Hercules looks on as Icarus wins the Poseidon Cup, being the only one to have truly earned it.
42 . Hercules and the Son of Poseidon Poseidon introduces Hercules to his son Triton (Chris Elliott), a sea prince who wants to go to Prometheus Academy with him. It turns out Triton is somewhat of a nerd, wanting to be like his cousin; he has considerable acrobatic skills but terrible balance and timing, much like Hercules himself, causing him to be a constant source of humiliation. Icarus and Cassandra remind Hercules that he and his cousin are not so different, so he tries to apologize. Unfortunately, overhearing what his cousin thought of him, Triton has stolen Poseidon's trident and accidentally unleashed a sea monster. The two cousins team up to defeat the monster, and Poseidon arrives to take back his trident, not punishing Triton thanks to Amphitrite intervening.
43 . Hercules and the Twilight of the Gods Loki (Vince Vaughn) convinces Hercules and Phil to come with him to Valhalla in Asgard, the hall of the Valkyries, where he can become their thunder god. Loki helps him defeat Thor (David James Elliott), son of Odin (Garrison Keillor), to cause the Twilight of the Gods. The Fates (accused of "moonlighting" as the Norns), warn Hercules and Phil of Loki's treachery, and they arrive too late, with Thor later being captured. Hercules gives up his godhood to Thor as the Twilight of the Gods can only be undone if he wields the thunder hammer. Thor does so, but is shortly defeated by Loki, who Hercules challenges after being convinced by Odin that though not a god, he is still a hero. He defeats the god and restores the Norse Gods to their rightful positions, returning to Greece despite an offer from Thor to stay (due to Greece's Mediterranean climate).
44 . Hercules and the Griffin Hercules and his class visits an old age home, where they're each assigned a senior citizen to befriend. In an effort to connect with his oldster, a gruff old griffin named Griff (Tim Conway), Hercules accidentally reveals the treasured diamond that the Griffin had been guarding for decades from Arismap (Harvey Korman) the King of the Arismapse (thieving mountain gnomes) who plans his latest attempt to steal it.
45 . Hercules and the Muse of Dance When Adonis volunteers the two left feet Hercules for the school dance, the Muse of Dance Terpsichore (LaChanze) helps him out by inspiring him to dance. His clumsiness is put to the test when he is offered the lead role in the dance, and a stubborn Phil does not think heroes should dance.
46 . Hercules and the King for a Day Hercules drags Phil to Satyrville to visit his mother Cacophone (Estelle Harris). Phil is constantly irked by her because she always mentions his brother Sal and his achievements, but never his own. Meanwhile, Pan (Joe Pantoliano), king of the satyrs, has incurred the wrath of Demeter (Florence Henderson), who threatens to smite him for building a temple to himself if he does not give her suitable offerings by the end of the harvest festival. In an effort to escape, Pan makes Phil temporary king, who has come to the king for advice. When Nemesis (Linda Hamilton), demigoddess of revenge, comes to punish Phil, Hercules seeks out the real king and forces him to own up; Nemesis refuses to listen until Phil calls to Demeter for aid. Pan is forced to give up all the offerings of the festival to save his life, and Sal visits Phil at the last minute. They reveal that their mother complimented both of them, and she replies that she does so to keep them humble.
47 . Hercules and the Pegasus Incident After an incident with Hercules, Pegasus flies off angrily to find a new master. When Pegasus meets up with a new master, Bellerophon (David Schramm), the hero king of Corinth, who renames him Ignatius. The two become a great monster-battling team, defeating the Chimera and leaving Hercules heartbroken over the loss of his friend. However, Bellerophon proves to be not as he seems, and it is up to Hercules to get Pegasus back.
48 . Hercules and the Kids Hercules goes to the Jr. Prometheus Academy as a teacher to a class of kindergartners - Alexander the Great (Courtland Mead), a geek who can't tie his sandals; Brutus (Pamela Segall), a bully and a centaur; Alcides (Christine Cavanaugh), a kid who is always scared and holding his blanket; Callista (Lacey Chabert), a brat girl who has an Aphrodite doll; and Phillip (Ryan O'Donohue), a kid with teething problems. On a nature hike, Hercules entrusts the map to Alex, but he loses it in a fight with Brutus. They quickly become lost, and a giant spider and mosquito make them their target. Hercules is wounded after going back for Callista and her Aphrodite doll, so Alex steps up and organizes the group into a rescue team. They free Hercules, who defeats the pair, and Alex is shown to go from geek to Great under Hercules' tutelage. However, he never learns to tie his sandals.
49 . Hercules and the Big Sink After being spotted by Homer (Dan Castellaneta), Cassandra becomes a celebrity, and to keep her newfound status, falsely predicts that Atlantis will sink. This causes Croesus (Wayne Newton), the owner of Atlantis, to hire Hades to get rid of her, and the Fates to prove her wrong. Hades sends Pain and Panic to do the job by capturing her, but just as Croesus forces her to tell the truth, she has a vision of Atlantis sinking in front of Homer. The two are captured, and Hercules (having seen Croesus speaking to the Fates) confronts Croesus, who has Poseidon summon Scylla. The ensuing fight causes the Fates to accidentally weave Atlantis out of the tapestry, fulfilling Cassandra's vision. As the city sinks, Hades comes to retrieve Pain and Panic, refusing to save Croesus, and Hercules rescues the citizens. Homer sets his eye on him, but is kicked out of sight by Pegasus.
50 . Hercules and the Big Lie Hercules is embarrassed when Icarus invites him to the Miklos convention, a comic fan gathering, in front of Andromeda (Kath Soucie), a new girl he is interested in. Cassandra advises him to lie, demonstrating with Phil; Hercules is unable to, until he wins a ticket at the convention to get his picture taken with Miklos. Embarrassed, he lies that he has Catastrophia, a disease that Hades has ordered Pain and Panic to spread. Cassandra has two visions: that Icarus will find the cure in the land of Briares (Reggie Miller), the Hundred Handed One, and that he will be crushed. When Hercules learns that his friend has gone after the cure, he follows and finds Briares, who has an offer- play his game, and he'll free Icarus. Despite winning, Hercules and Icarus aren't let go until Icarus finds out that Briares is a Miklos fan. Hercules apologizes for lying, and gives his ticket to Briares. Andromeda, having heard of his bravery, asks him on a date.
51 . Hercules and the Prom Hercules, in an effort to impress Tempest, promises that teen idol Orpheus (Rob Paulsen) will be at their prom. She promises to go with him if he is, or else cut off his arm; Cassandra meanwhile promises to do the same and slow dance with Icarus if Orpheus comes. Unfortunately, Hades has promised Laistrygones (Patrick Warburton), a monster he wants to join him, a concert from Orpheus. Hercules and Icarus get the singer to agree to come, but at the prom, he is kidnapped by Hades. Hercules goes to the Underworld to rescue him, but they get lost; Orpheus reveals that he's tired of not talking and using his voice for money. Hades finds them, but Hercules throws a piece of the singer's chiton on him, causing the crowd of souls to crush him. Laistrygones crashes the prom, and Orpheus sings to him, calming him down. Cassandra and Icarus have their dance, as do Hercules and Tempest. Orpheus later begins to travel the world singing, but not for money, with Laistrygones as his partner.
52 . Hercules and the Spartan Experience When Hercules learns that Adonis needs his aid, he and Icarus rush to Sparta to aid the prince. They learn that he is in Spar OTC, a Spartan training corps commanded by Agamemnon (Patrick Warburton) that Adonis must pass to become king of Thrace. Hercules decides to help Adonis through the corps, and Icarus develops a decidedly militant attitude. They support Adonis throughout the training, despite reluctance on his part and an eventual escape via Icarus' wings. While flying, he learns that Boreas (Alan Rosenberg), the North Wind, who Ares defeated when he founded Sparta, plans to attack the city. He is blown back to Sparta just in time for the test and warns Hercules, who warns Agamemnon, but he refuses to listen. When Boreas attacks, they draw him down to the city by singing the Spartan anthem and Hercules traps him in a giant pipe. Ares awards them all medals, but takes back Hercules' and Icarus' as they are Athenians; Adonis keeps his for his part in defeating Boreas.
53 . Hercules and the Gorgon Medusa (Jennifer Love Hewitt) rescues Hercules from drowning and has a crush on him. Hoping to befriend him, she ask for divine assistance to make her beautiful. Aphrodite offers useful but utterly ignored self-esteem tips and stone-preventing sunglasses, while Hades grants the Gorgon a beautiful appearance by day, monster and his employee by night. But if one true friend accepts her for who she is, he must turn her human permanently. After Hercules finds out what she truly is, he first thinks she's been trying to get close to turn him to stone and she runs off, sad. When Hades learns that it is Hercules that she had a crush on, he purposefully reveals her appearance in the dark to turn him to stone. But Aphrodite appears, pointing out the technicality in the contract- that Medusa has found one person who accepts her for who he is. Hades was only concerned in turning Medusa human but she deflects the spell with Hercules' shield at him. With his eyes closed, Hercules asks Medusa out, to which she says yes but she first takes Aphrodite's glasses.
54 . Hercules and the Complex Electra Hercules meets Electra (Joey Lauren Adams), a nonconformist and goth, who he falls for. However, Electra isn't interested in heroes, as Cassandra explains. She takes Icarus and him to a club where she hangs out at night, and Hercules sees Electra getting mad at a guy. The Furies attack the club, and Hercules fends them off; he gets his clothes soiled in the process, which makes Electra attracted to him. The next day, he changes his look and helps her put up posters (which is against school policy). Electra stands up to the School Master (Eric Idle), with Hercules neutrally supporting her while fighting off another Fury attack in between. Electra asks him out, and he goes to the club again, where she recites a poem for him denouncing heroes. Hercules finally shows her who he is, fighting off more Furies in an effort to show her the value of heroes as she simply gets more angry. Electra finally tells him that the Furies come from her whenever she is angry, and that she likes the darkness within her because it keeps her edgy. This irreconcilable difference causes Hercules to break ties with her, accepting that he must be himself.
55 . Hercules and the Tiff on Olympus Zeus and Hera get into a tiff after Zeus forgets their anniversary. This causes Zeus to be angry with Hercules when he gives him their anniversary gift, and makes Hercules think they're disappointed in him. Hercules convinces Phil to let him take on his first hero task: defeating a man-eating mare. Meanwhile, Hades, recognizing the tension, uses this to his advantage, convincing Hera that Zeus left her to cloud-hop with Bacchus and convincing Zeus to stay in the Underworld after he sets out the sofa for him to sleep on (claiming that Hera did this). Hades then calls Hermes to gather an emergency meeting of the gods, saying that Zeus and Hera are splitting, and hence their duties will need to be temporarily given to other deities. Hercules has trouble with his task, as Hades has sent Neurosis (Richard Lewis) to make him nervous. He finds himself in a deadly situation with the mare, and beseeches Zeus for help, at the same time Phil beseeches all gods. They all arrive, and Zeus apologizes for forgetting their anniversary; Hera apologizes for not taking into account the business of Zeus' job. They then deduce that Hades deceived them both, and smite them, also apologizing to Hercules for involving him in their argument.
56 . Hercules and the Long Nightmare At the beginning of time, all the gods are assigned their duties, with Morpheus as god of sleep; his brother Phantasos (Tom Kenny), however, really wanted the job and centuries later is still jealous. In an effort to make Morpheus look bad, he spreads his own blanket of nightmares over the world, causing Hercules and Phil and the rest of Greece to have bad dreams. On Olympus, an emergency meeting is called, for Morpheus has replaced Hades at the bottom of the Deity Approval List. Zeus gives him till the next day to discover the problem, so Morpheus summons Hercules and Phil. He asks them to confront their fears in dreamland, as he suspects Phantasos. Hercules has a dream of a hydra, while Phil sees his mother; Hercules confronts it rather than running away, and it turns into Phantasos, who he forces to come to reality. Morpheus has his approval bumped up, and Hades retains his place at the bottom, and Morpheus asks Zeus to create a new deity- god of dreams, with Phantasos handling the job.
57 . Hercules and the Arabian Night Hades meets Jafar (Jonathan Freeman) in the Underworld, and makes him human again after they realize they've both been defeated by "upstart brats". Jafar makes a bet that he can beat Hercules, but finds him too strong; Hades finds that Aladdin (Scott Weinger) is too tricky. Jafar suggests that they capture their friends, Icarus and Abu, and frame each other for it. The trick works, and when Hercules arrives in Agrabah, Aladdin and Jasmine (Linda Larkin) defeat him using surroundings and Aladdin's agility, until Hercules and Aladdin are eventually trapped under a building. Hercules rescues them, and realizing that Hades and Jafar have teamed up, they go to the Underworld disguised as each other. Jafar doesn't realize the deception until it's too late, when his staff is broken, causing him to become dead permanently. Abu and Icarus have meanwhile been freed, and Aladdin tells Hercules he'll make a great hero before returning to Agrabah. Icarus, having bonded with Abu, asks if they can get a monkey.
58 . Hercules and the Aetolian Amphora Hercules substitutes as narrator, telling of how someone has been stealing from the River Lethe in the Underworld, and Hades wants Pain and Panic to get the water back. Meanwhile, the sons of Ares, Fear and Terror, have been punished for overfeeding their war dogs, and can't go to an Orpheus concert. Hercules meets Megara (Susan Egan), a girl who says that her grandmother's Aetolian amphora has been stolen. Hercules, attracted to her, gladly helps, but when they reach the centaur who's been holding it, he tells them that he sold it to Fear and Terror (who plan to use the water to make Ares forget he punished them). Hercules and Meg go to the Temple of Ares and get the amphora back, but while Hercules tries to hold off Ares' sons, Meg ditches him with the amphora. She is quickly taken away by Pain and Panic, and Hercules finishes his story. Despite her deceit, he goes after Meg, and Fear and Terror follow him. A fight ensues for the amphora, and Meg tells Hercules that she liked him from the beginning. They almost kiss, until Pain and Panic accidentally spill the water from the amphora on them. Forgetting how they met each other, they go their separate ways.
59 . Hercules and the Romans Icarus goes to the Library of Alexandria for a project, but gets dropped in Rome on the way back to Greece, where the Romans (who have sent messages all over for gods) worship him as a god. Hercules, worried about his friend, convinces Zeus to let him take Nemesis to track Icarus. They eventually find him, and Nemesis wants to smite him for claiming to be a god. However, they are interrupted by three Egyptian gods who try to take the spot while rampaging Rome so that they can make it like Egypt with all the pyramids. Hercules battles them and Nemesis to protect Rome. In the aftermath, Icarus gives the Greek gods Roman names and in the Underworld, Hades is angry for being named Pluto, claiming he wouldn't even name his dog Pluto (a reference to Mickey's dog, Pluto).
60 . Hercules and the Yearbook This episode takes place after the events of the film and features Hercules and Meg moving his stuff from Phil's island. Hermes delivers a special package, which Hercules immediately hides from Meg. She goes to Phil's island and discovers that it is his yearbook. Phil tells Meg how Hercules sunk his island, about his friends Icarus and Cassandra (who went on to become a great inventor and oracle), about Hercules' first job driving the sun chariot for Apollo (which nearly ended in Zeus being dethroned by Hades), the incident with Galatea at the prom, and finally graduation, where he ruins the Academy after being late. Hercules tells Meg he didn't want to show her the yearbook because he wants her to see him as a hero. During a musical number, Meg tells him that she accepts that part of his life as an awkward phase, and loves him just the same. However, this doesn't stop Hercules from having Hermes retrieve Meg's own yearbook.
61 . Hercules and the Odyssey Experience Upon visiting Odysseus's traveling museum, Hercules winds up out to sea with Odysseus's (Steven Weber) shy and awkward son Telemachus, and three spare ex-crew members of the Argo. The group encounter a number of threats, including the dangerous and beautiful Sirens, and Telemachus learns to be self confident in order to save his family.
62 . Hercules and the Grim Avenger After the Minotaur wrecks several temples in Athens, Hercules teams up with the Grim Avenger, a superhero who narrates his every move and is really Theseus (Eric Stoltz), a visiting prince who likes Cassandra (and who Adonis and Icarus mutually hate) to stop the beast. Theseus holds a party at the temple of Aphrodite to lure the Minotaur, and Hercules discover his double identity. The trick works, but Icarus is injured in the process; Theseus, as the Avenger, tells Cassandra he wants her to look after him. Meanwhile, Hercules tracks the Minotaur to an alley of temples, and uncontrollably angry, the two fight, destroying temples in the process. Theseus convinces Hercules not to kill the Minotaur and be himself, so Hercules turns him in to Zeus. The Minotaur is put back in the Labyrinth and Theseus, heading home, signs Icarus' cast.
63 . Hercules and the Spring of Canathus Hades offers Pain and Panic one last chance to kill Hercules, so after learning from the Fates about the Spring of Canathus, a pool which reverses age, the two go to the Stymphalian Forest to retrieve some. Meanwhile, Hercules and his class are taking care of eggs - all but Cassandra, who ate hers. Pain and Panic squirt the water on Icarus, Pegasus, Adonis, Pain and finally Hercules, leaving Cassandra and Panic to take care of the new babies. They travel to the Stymphalian Forest again to get more water to turn them back, encountering snakes and giant Stymphalian birds who want Cassandra to rescue their egg. After finally turning everyone back, Cassandra has learned to be a mother and Panic has learned to work with his enemies for once. Meanwhile, everyone pleads with Cassandra to not let anyone know she changed their diapers.
64. Hercules and the Big Show After Hercules and Icarus humiliate Hades on the Merv Griffin show by screening some of Hercules' career highlights and defeats of Hades, the Lord of the Dead gives Hercules the boot, capturing Merv and Icarus. He then turns the show into The Hades Show, where he highlights his victory after convincing Poseidon to extend the River Styx so that Greece was part of the Underworld; there is also a segment featuring Pain and Panic. Adonis and Helen are invited on the show, and Adonis supports Hades by showing how he has humiliated the hero. Helen, however, defends Hercules in a musical number about his exploits. Hercules meanwhile borrows Hermes' flying sandals and frees his friends. Zeus lends him a thunderbolt, and he smites Hades, reverting the show back to Merv Griffin. Zeus and Hercules are guests, and the show runs out of time just as Merv asks Zeus the meaning of life.
65. Hercules and the Green-Eyed Monster When Daedalus seems distracted, Hercules, Icarus and Cassandra soon learn that he is in love with a woman named Thespis (Kathy Najimy). Icarus and Hercules go to tell his mother (Jean Smart) who is happy that Daedalus is dating; Icarus then reveals that he is jealous of Thespis and Daedalus' relationship. At their house, Daedalus tells Icarus that they are getting married. After seeing Pandora with her box, he distracts her to steal it, and at takes the box, unleashing all the miserable things contained within at Thespis. Aphrodite (who is conducting the wedding) informs Hercules that the miserable things must be contained, and he gets them all back in the box except Jealousy (Jon Favreau), who Icarus feeds off of until he is consumed. All but Cassandra enter Jealousy's belly to rescue him, for as Aphrodite reveals, once he reaches the stomach, he's gone forever. Cassandra distracts Jealousy outside and the two begin to connect; meanwhile, Thespis risks her life to save Icarus when he falls. No longer jealous, the gang leave Jealousy, who is forced back into Pandora's box. Aphrodite then carries out the wedding, with Icarus accepting Thespis as his step-mother.
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