Eris goddess of chaos and Discord and Strife.


according to mythology Eris goddess of Discord was not invited to the wedding of Thetis the goddess of Water and mortal man Peleus so she save a apple of gold to the wedding and its story who is the most fairies woman in the room and Hera and Aphrodite and Athena start to fight  until Zeus ask Paris who become a judge of the  beauty contest he choose one of the goddesses who are the fair is in the room so he picked Aphrodite's I seen later Aphrodite's used to powers of love on make Helen Queen of Troy and she fell in love with him which caused the Trojan War all because of Eris the goddess of anger

Family and relationshipEdit

Gaia ( great  great -grandma  

zeus perhaps (Father)


Kronos. ( grandfather)

Rhea ( grandmother )

Nemesis (sister)

The Fates (sisters)

Hemera (Sister)

Thanatos (Brother)

Hypnos (brother)

Aether (Brother)

Charon (Brother)

Nephews : Morpheus and Phantasos

Godly powerEdit

Chaos ?? And Discord and Strife

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