Fear and Terror are the dim-witted sons of Ares. Despite being brave and violent, they are both huge Orpheus fans. They make their biggest appearance in "The Owl of Athena" and "The Aetolian Amphora". Since they are the sons of Ares that means that Hercules is their uncle. Fear is voiced by David Cross, and Terror is voiced by Toby Russ


  • in actual Greek Mythology,Fear and Terror real names Phobos, God of Fear, and Deimos, God of Terror.
  • Two are portrayed as demigods, implying Their mother is a mortal although she is never seen
    • in Greek mythology, Their is Aphrodite goddess of love and beauty this is obviously not the case in Disney's version.
  • Fear and Terror possess immense strength similar to Hercules although they are also more larger then him matching in their fathers comfortable height
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