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Demigoddess of Magic and witchcraft necromancy
of Ghosts and Crossroads and Moon
Background Info
Feature Films {{{Feature Films}}}
Television Hercules: The Animated Series
Voice Peri Gilpin
Inspiration Goddess of the same name
Character Information
Personality Charming, Deceitful, Greedy, Evil
Appearance Blue hair and wearing a blue headdress and she's wearing a blue dress, cape and an armbracelet on both wrists
Affiliation {{{Affiliation}}}
Goal To take over the Undeworld from Hades
Home The Underworld (formerly)
Relatives Zeus, Nyx?.

Trivia (son)
Circe (daughter)

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Allies {{{Allies}}}
Minions Canis and Lupus (Emposai
Enemies Hercules, Hades
Likes Domination, Powers the underworld
DisLikes Hades
Powers and Abilities Magic witchcraft
Black magic
weapons {{{Weapons}}}
Fates Punished by Hades
Quote "I'm The Greatest Witch"

Even as an Underworld demigoddess, Hecate (known in Egyptian as Heket) is the goddess of witchcraft and magic and longs to take over the Underworld from Hades in much the same way he longs to take Olympus from Zeus. Despite his seeming dislike of the place most of the time, he's very possessive of his kingdom whenever she tries to overthrow him. (voiced by Peri Gilpin)


She is the Goddess of witches and witchcraft, which at that time was even things like forcasting the weather and medicine she's also a Lunar goddess associated with the Moon alongside Artemis and Selene. Unlike in the Disney version, she was generally seen as a benevolent, if mysterious goddess.



Peri Gilpin, who plays Hecate, and Jane Leeves, who plays Athena, were castmates on the televison show Frasier