Queen of the Gods
Goddess of Marriage
Goddess of Womanhood
Background Info
Feature Films Hercules
Television Hercules: The Animated Series
Voice Samantha Egger
Inspiration The Goddess Hera
Character Information
Personality Loving, Kind, Caring, protective
Appearance Thin , Pink blonde hair
Affiliation Olympian Gods
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Home Mount Olympus
Relatives Father Cronus
Mother Rhea
Zeus (husband/brother)
Hades and Poseidon (Brothers)
Hestia and Demeter (Sisters)
Ares and Hephaestus (Son)
Hebe and Nemesis (Daughters)
Hercules (Son)
Apollo and Hermes and Bacchus (Step-sons)
Artemis and Athena and Helen and Aphrodite and Persephone (Step-Daughters)
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Enemies Hades, Pain and Panic and Titans
Likes Her Family, Flowers
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Powers and Abilities The standrad Powers and Abilities of God
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Fates Continuing her life as the queen of Olympus
Quote What about our gift, dear?

Hera (know in Roman as Juno) Is Zeus' wife and Hercules' mother. She is the sister of Demeter, Hestia, Poseidon and Hades as well as her husband Zeus and daughter of Rhea and Cronus and Mother of. Hebe and Nemesis and Ares and. Hephaestus stepmother of Apollo and Artemis and Athena and Helen and Hermes and Persephone and Bacchus and Hercules and Aphrodite


In the original myth, Hera (A) was not Herc's mother, and (B) hated him. A lot. (this sentiment was amongst all demigods, especially those fathered by Zeus) and goddess of family, motherhood,women  and childbirth and marriage

Story filmryEdit


  • On the day of the Hercules birth celebration Hera display her overprotectiveness of Hercules when she tells her husband to keep his thunderbolts away from Hercules
  • On the night after the celebration of Hercules' birth Hades' henchmen Pain and Panic kidnap baby Hercules and turn him mortal leaving Zeus and Hera in sadness as they watch their baby son, who is adopted by two elderly people named Amphitryon and Alcemene, grow into a man on Earth.
  • Later on in life Hades takes Hercules' power away from him and releases the Titans and captures Hera, along with Zeus, and the other Gods and rules Mount Olympus. But Hercules (who has gotten his strength back after Meg saved his life) returns to Mount Olympus and frees his parents and the other Gods and destroys the Titans.
  • After Hercules returns Meg's spirit to her body (she returns to life) Hercules is reunited with his parents. Hera gives him a hug and told her son she's very proud of him for his willingness to give up his soul to save Meg's life and that he's a true HERO!
  • Hercules tells his Hera and Zeus that this is the day he's always dreamed of but a life without Meg would be empty and that he wishes to stay on Earth with her to which Hera and Zeus agree allowing their son to return to Earth with Meg in his mortal soul.

TV SeriesEdit

  • She appears quite often in the series and is shown to be a caring mother and wife. She has a bit of an argument with Zeus in "The Tiff On Olympus" but they make up at the end.


As a Goddess, Hera possesses

  • Immortality
  • Superstrength
  • Teleportation
  • Metamorphosis (Shapeshifting)
  • Vast magical abilities

Unique to Hera

  • Control over marriages. And she might have the ability to bless marriages, or curse them if she is crossed.
  • Might be able to affect fertility.
  • Dark Pink Aura




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