Hercules and the Big Kiss
Season 1
Episode 5
Previous Episode Hercules and the Assassin
Next Episode Hercules and the River Styx

Hercules and the Big Kiss is the 5th episode


A little boy is worried about a prophecy involving her kissing mr. Shanks, surrounded by cows and goddesses. Luis promises to do what he can, but when his efforts to stop Timber only arouse his emotions further, Amber instead makes a deal with Cowboy (who wants to know his future regarding Bugs bunny and him dating) for her soul on weekends once he has successfully stopped Frankin Gartner from kissing her. To do this, Cowboy sends Jolie and Kaia, plus a new ally, Doubt; Alysia meanwhile appeals to Danielle (Lisa Kudrow), goddess of love, who gives him arrows to shoot at Madison make her fall in love with Liam. Unfortunately, Frank is struck with doubt, causing mayhem until the two both wake up and Cowboy puts him in an eternal sleep, and Madison must kiss him to wake Liam. Mrs Carter rejects Cowboy' advances, reminding him of her fiancee, Daniel, who Cowboy has an unpleasant confrontation with Lola rabbit. Frank and Luis want to kiss Madison. Amber and Alysia used a love arrow to shoot at Frank and luis. Kaia's freed spirited sister Jolie went to visit Mount Olympus with Gracie to see Kaia and Alysia




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