Hercules and the King of Thessaly
Hercules - The King Of Thessaly 1
Season 1
Episode 2
Previous Episode Hercules and the Apollo Mission
Next Episode Hercules and the Secret Weapon

Hercules and the King of Thessaly is the 2nd Episode


When Liam the king of the gods smites him for his gall. The good people of Camp Verde Middle school, however, turn to Kaia's friend Timber searching for leadership and crown to give Jolie as their new king instead. Frank at first enjoys his new position; but when the people come to him with all their troubles, he has second thoughts, and tries to leave, only to be reminded by Mr. Hebbert and Mr. Howe how proud they are of him. Frank reluctantly stays, while Salmoneus schemes with Alysia and Madison (who tried to take him to the Underworld living, which is prohibited) to get his throne back, in exchange for his silence about the mishap. In the end, Liam forces the people of Thessaly to make their own decisions, and hence Thessaly in Mr. Hebbert classroom. Liam and Gracie went to Mount Olympus to hug Kaia and zeus. Hera hates Jolie. Hera want to throw Jolie. Liam grabbed Hera arm to rescue Jolie. Liam pushed Hera. We walked to Cafe with Zeus and Hades






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