Hercules and the Secret Weapon
Season 1
Episode 1
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Hercules and the Secret Weapon is the 1st Episode


Alysia and Frank Hernandez explain that Hades (James Leeves) and Vivian (Nikki Thomas) have been rivals for centuries. So when Wyatt (Justin Michael Richardson) builds a secret weapon for Vivian - a bow that produces energy blasts as arrows - Hades has Waylon and Michael go to Sparta to investigate this secret weapon. However, while there, Waylon unwittingly accepts a mission from Vivian to destroy Athens using the Armageddon Bow (Kayy parry), who, as he discovers, is a female and doesn't like to kill. After Kaia and Jolie arrive and Kaia blurts out Waylon' prior commitment, Vivian decides to kill them, but Hades comes to his aid. While the two deities argue over who should get the bolt, Waylon decides to drop it and let whoever catches it have it (who turns out to be Anna).



  • Hercules
  • Philoctetes
  • Icarus
  • Cassandra



  • Hephaestus Forge
  • Sparta
  • mount Olympus
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