Hercules and Megara married

Hercules and the Yearbook is an episode of Hercules: The Animated Series. It is a clipshow episode set after the film.


Hercules and Meg are married and now live in a big castle-like house in the suburb of Thebes. When Meg finds Herc's old yearbook and he tries to hide it from her, so Meg goes to Phil's island to find out what's the big secret. Phil tells Meg about how Herc sank his island in Hercules and the Baccanal, Icarus and Cassandra (who are now a famous inventor and an oracle).

Then Hercules finds Meg and tells her how he lost the sun to Hades in Hercules and the Apollo Mission, his ex-girlfriend Galatea who he made out of clay in Hercules and the Dream Date, and how he trashed the school graduating from high school. Hercules tells Meg that he didn't want her to see it because he thinks she'll think of him as a geeky loser instead of what he is now a hero.

But during a musical number Meg explains that she loves him the same as she did in the movie, however that doesn't stop Hercules from retrieving Meg's high school yearbook discovering that she was a cheerleader with a funky hair-do.



  • During the Icarus and Cassandra montage scene, we get a quick clip from the episode "Hercules and the Gorgon" where Cassandra stepped on Icarus' foot to shut him up. However in this clip, she stepped on his right foot with her left foot but in the original scene, it was her right foot and his left foot.
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