Icarus (voiced by French Stewart), the boy who flew too close to the sun, is Jolie's best friend, and usually refers to her as Jolina. Even though flying too close to the sun permanently fried his hair and his brain, Icarus still flies close to it with his wax wings every chance he has. His weirdness makes him an easy target for Mrs. Meyers' remarks, and is a running gag in every episode. Icarus lives with his good friend, the clever inventor Kaia (whom Icarus calls "ka iaa"), who is also a teacher in at class art at Camp Verde Elementary school. Kaia, Jolie, and Icarus went to 3rd playground. Icarus can usually be seen with Jolie and Kaia, whom he is in love with and obsessed with, although she does not usually return his affections. Icarus is also very adaptable to every situation, and this is also a recurring theme. He, at times, can be hyperactive.

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