Goddess of the Rainbow and messages
Messenger of the Gods
Background Info
Feature Films Fantasia
Television Hercules: The Animated Series (mentioned)
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Inspiration Iris from Greco-Roman Mythology
Character Information
Personality Colorful
Appearance Slender, purple hair, fair skin, aqua sleeveless dress, yellow Tiara, rainbow cape
Affiliation Olympian Gods
Goal To make rainbows


Home Mount Olympus
Relatives Boreas (husband)
Nike (Daughter)
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Allies Zeus, Hephaestus, Olympian Gods
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Enemies Zeus (formerly)
Hephaestus (formerly)
Likes Making rainbows
DisLikes Zeus's Thunderbolt
Powers and Abilities * Her Rainbows
weapons Caduceus

An ewer

Fates Makes Rainbows on Mount Olympus
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Iris (known in Roman Mythology as Arcus) is the goddess of the rainbow. She showed up in film Hercules and also in Fantasia as a beautiful rainbow. Iris is also a messenger of the goddesses. She sends messages back and forth to earth and the heavens by rainbow. Zeus caused a storm which started the rain, and a rainbow appears that was Iris herself.

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