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Former Lord of Cosmos
God of wealth and agriculture
God of Harvest and time
Background Info
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Television Hercules: The Animated Series ( mentioned)
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Inspiration Cronus From Greek Mythology
Character Information
Personality Vengeful
Appearance Large ,muscles, bearded,
Affiliation Titans
Goal To devour his offspring
Home Underworld
Relatives Uranus (Father)
Gaia (Mother)
Rhea (Sister/wife)
Mnemosyne (Sister)
Titans (Brothers and Sisters)
Zeus Hades,Poseidon (Sons)
Hera Hestia,Demeter(Daughters)
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Allies Titans
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Enemies Olympian Gods] Zeus, Poseidon
Likes Powers, rulings, Greece, becoming the king of the Titans devouring his children, Hades
DisLikes Being trapped in Tartarus being overthrown, Zeus
Powers and Abilities Great strength can cause curses immortality
weapons The Kronos Stone
Fates Was banished by Zeus to Tartarus forever
Quote That was different he tried to swallow me whole - Zeus in Hercules and the visit from Zeus

Kronos (known in Roman as Saturn) was the second King of the Universe the youngest son of Uranus and Gaia he became King after he defeat his father. He was married Rhea and become father of Hestia, Hades, Demeter, Poseidon, Hera and Zeus, who defeated Kronos, which is before he ate Zeus and his other children..