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Lythos​, or Lithos, (known in Roman mythology as Lapis, or Lapys) is one of the five fictional Titans that Hades sets free in Hercules. He appears to be a large two-headed boulder creature with red eyes. The inside of his mouth is red as well. Since he is very large and heavy, Lythos has the ability to stomp on the ground and cause massive earthquakes. He can even throw heavy boulders.


He is defeated when Zeus throws lightning bolts at their heads to become headless, & Hercules uses Stratos to suck him up along with the other two Titans; Hydros and Pyros and then flings him and the others into outer space.

Kingdom Hearts

A resurrected Lythos appears in the Olympus Colosseum as the final match of the Hades Cup. In order for Sora, Donald and Goofy to defeat him, they must attack his feet, causing him to fall down, and they can attack his heads (which, according to Jiminy's Journal, he can only think with one at a time).


His name could be refering to the greek word "lithos", which means "stone".