An adult Minotaur.

The Minotaur (voiced by Michael Dorn) is a large humanoid bull who enjoyed causing mayhem and destruction in the city of Crete. When Crete's king Minos finally captured him he requested of Daedalus and Icarus to build a large maze to keep the Minotaur imprisoned. However the insane king only wanted to use the maze for entertainment by throwing innocent people into the maze so they could be hunted by the Minotaur. He is one of Echidna and Typhon's children.



The Minotaur as a baby

  • In the original myth the Minotaur was the son of King Minos's wife and a bull but in the animated series there is no mention of the two being related.
  • In the film the Minotaur had red eyes and lacked clothing and facial hair and in the episode Hercules and the Parents Weekend he had purple skin as an infant (although this may be due to a lack of fur).
  • In the episode Hercules and the Bacchanal, it is implied that there may be more than one Minotaur.
  • The Minotaur in the Zero to Hero song is red.
  • Voiced by Michael Dorn who was also the voice for Taurus, a descendant of the Minotaur, in the Gargoyles episodes The New Olympians and Seeing is Believing.
  • Michael Dorn voiced the Greek god Apollo in the Adventures from the Book of Virtuesepisode Humility.
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