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Poseidon, in Hercules's World

The family of Neptune:

  • Neptune (first King of the Sea. Appeared in Silly Symphonies: King Neptune)
  • Poseidon (son of Neptune)
  • Triton (son of Poseidon, Third King of the Sea)
  • Ariel and Mermaids (daughters of Triton)

In Hercules's World:

  • Kronos
  • Poseidon (son of Kronos)
  • Amphitrite (Daughter of Nereus and Doris)
  • Triton (son of Poseidon and Amphitrite.This Triton has green skin and webbed feet. He probably grew up to look like a green version of the Triton in Ariel's World.)
  • Cyclopes, Mermaids, Sea Nymphs (children of Triton)
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