Norse Gods
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Norse Gods

The Rulers of Asgard and the Nine realms
Background Info
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Television Hercules: The Animated Series
Voice N/A
Inspiration The Norse Gods
Character Information
Personality Varies
Appearance Varies
Affiliation Hercules
Goal Maintaining the order of the cosmos
Home Valhalla
Relatives The Frost Giants
Pets N/A
Allies Hercules
Minions N/A
Enemies Loki, The Frost Giants, Fenrir Wolf
Likes the Golden Apples of Idunna
DisLikes N/A
Powers and Abilities Immortality, Superhuman Strength, Omnipresence, Energy Projection
weapons Magic Weapons
Fates To Rule Asgardian Forever in The Nine Realms
Quote N/A

Norse Gods or Asgard Gods  were family of gods they live in Asgard in the nine realms separated by world tree here are the listings of all the Norse gods some of them appeared in the Hercules and the Twilight of the Gods why some of them have not been mentioned yet

Norse GodsEdit

Odin god of war and death and wisdom and  king of Norse gods and the husband of Frigg

Loki god of fire and tricksters

Thor god of the sky and lightning and thunder 

Balder  god of the light  and justice and peace and joy

Forseti god of truth and peace 

Bragi god of poetry and music and the husband of Idunna

Tyr God of war and heroic Glory and law

Hermod message of the gods son of odin and Frigg

Heimdall God of Foreknowledge; Keeper of the Bifröst Bridge and Guardian of Asgard

Norse GoddessesEdit

Frigg  goddess of Marriage and fertility and motherhood and Keeper of Domestic Arts and Queen of the Gods and wife of Odin

Sif goddess of harvest and Earth and Fertility and wife of Thor

HeL goddess of Norse underworld and Death

Freyja Goddess of love, sex, beauty, fertility, gold, seidr, war, and death.

Other GodsEdit

Idunna goddess of youth and spring and wife of Bragi

Freyr god of rain and sunshine

Njord  god of seas and winds

The Valkyries the goddesses of life and death and Battle and magic

The Fates the Goddess of destiny and fate sometime Norns

Sól The Goddess of Sun

Mani the God of Moon

Sjofn the Goddess of Love and handmaiden/Daughter of Frigg and Odin

Hodr Blind the God of Winter, Cold & Darkness

Hades God of The Underworld and lord of the Dead

=Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Asgardian Gods Possesses a wide range of Powers and Abilities

  • Immortality The Ability to live Forever and be immune from injury
  • Superhuman Strength The Ability to be extremely Physical Stronger then
  • Omnipresence The Ability to be present and everwhere at the same time

some deities possess energy based abilities such as

  • Energy Projection:The ability to project energy
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