Asclepius is the Greek God of medicine, health, rejuvenation, doctors, and health his roman name is Vejovis


Asclepius is the son of Apollo god of the Sun and mortal woman Coronis when Apollo was away she was already pregnant with Asclepius but she was already in love with somebody else name Ischys Apollo was furious at the two having an affair so Apollo save he sister Artemis to kill her by burning her to the state and Apollo and Hermes cut the unborn baby out from her womb and gave it to the Centaur Chiron to raised

Family and relationship

Apollo (Father)

Coronis (Mother)

Half-Siblings of Asclepius (Siblings )

Epione (wife)

Panacea, Iaso, Acesco and Aglaea, Hygeia (Sisters)

Machaon (physician), Podalirius, Telesphorus, Aratus

Artemis (Aunt)

Powersand Abilities

Asclepius can use the Rod of Asclepius was used for medicine and health care

  • Vitakinesis
  • Enchanted Healing
  • Medical Omniscience
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