Panic (left) and Pain

Pain and Panic are two minions that work for Hades. Panic is tall and blue, while Pain is fat and red. They are voiced by Matt Frewer and Bobcat Goldthwait, respectively.

After learning that the baby Hercules could one day disrupt his plans to take over Mt. Olympus, Hades directed them to kidnap Hercules and give the infant a potion that would turn him mortal, then kill. Pain and Panic succeed in abducting Hercules, but are interrupted by the arrival of Amphitryon and Alcmene. They abandon Hercules before he can finish the bottle with the potion in it, leaving him mortal but retaining his strength.

The duo transform into large snakes to scare off the husband and wife, but the baby Hercules beats them up and they retreat. Fearful of Hades' reaction, they decide to lie to Hades and report they had succeeded in killing Hercules.

They once tricked Pegasus. It is known that the two imps can shape shift into animals like lions, worms, rats, fish, snakes, chickens and even Pegasus.

Pain & Panic

Pain & Panic with a can of soft drink.

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