OlympusStoneReverse Ra OlympusStone
Race God
Gender Male
Relatives Father Nun
Mother Nut
Khnum (Brother)
Bastet (Daughter)
Hathor (Daughter)
Shu (Son)
Tefnut (Daughter)
Satis (Daughter)
Maat (Daughter)
Home Egypt
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Powers The giver of life
Weapons Magic Staff
First Appearance Hercules and the Romans
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Ra Egyptian god of days Sun order Heat and light and life he's also consider King of the Gods and father of the Gods

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Being god,it assumed that Ra:

  • is immortal and cannot die;
  • can shape-shift, and is really able to alter his own size to titanic proportions;
  • can teleport from place to place instantly;
  • is extremely strong;
  • has the potentail to do magic,including shootting explosive balls of energy from his rod;
  • Life Creation: Ra have the ability to create the universe as also The Giver of life as he Created he Children's Shu and Tefnut,Bastet,Hathor, Satis, Maat he as created the first humans from his trears after lost his children's
  • Creation: Ra as the lord of Maat,(Creation),can create things merely by naming them,much like Ptah

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