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Stratos​ (known in Greek mythology as Koite) is the god of primordial spreadings, one of the five fictional Titans that Hades sets free and the younger cousin of the Strata in Hercules. He appears to made of tornadoes. Stratos has the ability to use his head, arms, or tail to suck objects up.

Stratos is defeated when Hercules uses him to suck up the other three Titans; Lythos, Hydros, & Pyros and then flings Stratos and the other three towards outer space into constellations.


The four main titans in Hercules were not inspired by Greek mythology, but by the role-playing video game Ultima 8: Pagan (1994). In particular, Disney's Stratos is based on Ultima's Stratos, titan of Air.

Their name refers to the Latin word "stratus" (with the suffix changed to the Greek "-os"), which means "cover", but that today denotes a type of clouds that uniformly covers the sky.