Typhon (voiced by Regis Philbin) was one of the most monstrous of all the Titans and also the father of all monsters. He has 20 heads, wings, and other wise looks like a human, but breathes fire. In the episode Hercules and the Return of Typhon, he acts as the force behind the plot. Hermes' ballad "That's How The Story Goes" tells the story of how Typhon was defeated by Zeus and imprisoned under Mt. Etna. After Hercules tries to defeat his wife Echidna, the demigod hero accidentally frees Typhon from his earthly prison. Due to all the time he spent under Mt. Etna, he suffers from chronic headaches. He also shows a dislike of lawyers. After reuniting with his wife Echidna and his son Ladon, Typhon goes on a rampage in Athens. Zeus and Hercules attempt to defeat him but fail.
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