Two years ago, I announced that I was looking to adopt the wiki. This was due to a person who was adding a lot of false information. It took a while, but that person eventually stopped, and as other events happened and other wikis needed my help more, adopting this one wasn't as critical.

We're back at that point due to a joke that has been taken too far into the realm of trolling and vandalism.

Most of the work I've done here has been to counteract vandalism. There's another person, Time winter, that has done more substantial work to build the wiki, so I did leave a message giving them the opportunity to adopt this wiki. But until I hear back, I am proceeding with the adoption process.

The new goal is to complete adoption of the wiki before the end of September 2018.

Update, September 2nd

An intermediate, yet big, step in cleaning up the vandalism has just been finished. All pages that were marked for deletion have been turned into redirects so that if someone clicks on "Random page" under the "Explore" menu, they'll be sent to one of the pages with actual info about the movie or TV series. Beforehand, pages marked for deletion would also appear. Now they won't.

I usually don't do it this way, but there were almost 300 off topic pages that had been created as vandalism during the past few years. Once the wiki is adopted, we can zip through and delete these redirects and that will leave the good pages for everyone to enjoy.

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